Financial Peace

Who wants financial peace, who needs financial peace? Almost everyone…how does it happen, how do you wake up one day and realize your dreams are a thousand miles away because although you’ve been working your behind off, you have nothing to show for it but a huge pile of debt.

What are your dreams: a bigger house; a new car; another baby; not having to check the price tags on clothes for yourself or children; a vacation?  How do you achieve your dreams when you have a mountain of debt and you feel like you dreams are lost?

My church is running a course on how to get out of debt and save money to reach financial freedom.  It’s called “Financial Peace University” and it’s run by a man named Dave Ramsey.  I am so happy with this course has come along and just at the right time.  I started this year knowing that I had to make changes in my life and one area where I had to make changes was in our finances.  So I was ready, I was sick and tired, literally, of being in debt and not having the peace that comes from financial freedom, just having to not worry about debt anymore.

Financial Peace University makes sense, it’s simple, Dave makes it simple, easy to follow steps, he breaks it down to the last penny, every dollar is spoken for before you even get paid, and he makes it fun.  You don’t feel like you have to give up anything, like quality make-up, getting you hair done in a quality salon, mani-pedis, everything you need to be happy whatever that is.  It’s like the perfect weight-loss program; no rules, no giving anything up, the things you love and make you happy.

So, if you’re in debt and ready to have peace in your finances, take a look at Dave Ramsey’s website daveramsey.com and take a look at Financial Peace University.  It will be the best decision of your life and I forgot to add that it will also help your marriage because you won’t be fighting over money anymore.


Who Am I?

How many times have we said “This is the year that I’m going to lose weight?  Then life gets in the way, being a mom, having a job, losing a job, being sick for what feels like forever…fill in the blank.  When is enough more than enough?  Where do we draw the line at what reasons are going to run our lives?  For me, it’s having a special needs child and dealing with an abusive childhood and getting through it, which is process in and of itself.

So, it is March 1st a new month, shortly into a new year and I have had enough.  I am ready to lose forty pounds, I am ready to uncover who am I, the little girl that got lost in the shuffle of divorce, remarriage and abuse.  So, now the question is – how am I going to accomplish it?  I have a Wii and the Biggest Loser for the Wii so that is how I am going to do this.  I have cut sugar out of my diet almost entirely, I have to have a little, I have cut down my portion sizes, I see myself as beautiful, so all that is left is exercise.  I used to be into every sport I could play and I love exercise, I really do, but living in a place where it’s seven months out of the year, outside sports are a challenge.

So in late spring and summer I swim in the ocean as much as I can, I walk briskly to work up a good sweat and play with my kids, I’m hoping to teach them tennis this summer but for the rest of the year I have to do inside sports.  I had a great exercise DVD called “Turbo Jam” but it appears my kids have lost it so all I have is the Biggest Loser for the Wii so that is what I will start with and go from there.  You do whatever it is you love as far as exercise goes because that is the only way that will attain your weight loss goals and get to it.  You are not alone, there are other people in the world who know how you feel, me and I hope that you will find my blog and realize that you are also ready to change your life and find out who you are.

I love Sephora, it is bright, beautiful and basically a candy shop for makeup addicts.  Sephora carries a plethora of cosmetics and hair care brands;  everything from Bare Minerals to;  Smashbox to;  Urban Decay;  all the fun brands to the upscale brands like Clinique;  Lancome;  etc.

Sephora also has their own brand with a million colours of eyeshadow, lip gloss, etc.  I have a couple of their eyeshadows which are so smooth and simple to apply; their lipglosses which are not sticky, feel light, and the colours are bright to subtle.  I have an eyeliner in a beautiful silver shade; it is also easy to apply, glides on the eyelid and is so smooth.  They carry all the top name brands in cosmetics and skin care as well as hair care.  It is your one stop shop for everything beautiful to make you feel pretty, sexy, and real.

The staff are helpful and informative, they really seem to enjoy what they do and it shows in their service to the customer.  They welcome you at the door and if you look interested in a product they will help you find what you’re looking for and sometimes something extra.  It is very easy to spend money there but whichever product or products you choose, you don’t have what I like to refer to as buyer’s remorse.  They also carry accessories such as brushes, cosmetics cases, nail care and so on.

My favourite brands are Sephora, Urban Decay, Bare Naturals, Smashbox and Toki Doki.  The packaging for these brands are fun and bright.  I love colour in my cosmetics and Sephora is all about colour.  It is eye candy for your body and hair.  So much fun.  So the next time you’re at your local mall, find out if they have a Sephora store and take a look, be adventurous and ask for a makeover, the staff knows what they’re doing and will make you look and feel beautiful.

Wonder Woman

I loved the show Wonder Woman…I wanted to be Wonder Woman every Halloween till I was twelve.  She was the coolest, she was a female action hero and she had the coolest house.  I would watch her show every week and I knew the theme song off by heart.  So when I found out that MAC cosmetics was launching a Wonder Woman inspired line of cosmetics, I had to take a look.

It is so cool…coloured mascara, beautiful lipgloss, bright, dynamic eyeshadow shades.  There are three colours of mascara – purple, green and blue.  I have bought the purple so far and I love it.  It is bright, it coats your lashes really nicely, it makes your lashes look long and full and it brightens your eyes.

The box has Wonder Woman on it, and the tube has Wonder Woman written on it with the logo underneath, it’s blue with a red top.  I love coloured mascara, it makes life easy or sexy.

So the next time you’re in MAC take a look at Wonder Woman, you’ll love it.

Last night my heart started to beat, I had this pressure on my chest like someone was sitting on it, my hands were clammy and I thought;  I’m having a heart attack.  Heart disease runs in my family, I have smoked off and on since I was fourteen years old, I am significantly overweight, I don’t exercise often enough,and my maternal grandmother had two massive heart attacks in his lifetime.  Or, I could be having a panic attack…more likely since I’ve had them for about five years…not everyday, not once a month, they come out of the blue, sometimes with no stressor, and they always come late at night when there’s no one to call except my mom.

The only problem with calling my mom is that she suffered from them for many years and I don’t want to worry her in case it sets her off.  Usually I can talk myself out of them, I can control them, prayer helps but last night was the worst.  I don’t want to take an anti-axiety because I don’t like taking prescription medication unless I absolutely have to and I don’t have panic attacks all of the time.  I called the nurses line and described my symptoms and the nurses told me that I should call an ambulance to go to the hospital but my husband was convinced that it was a panic attack and that I should drive myself.  So off I went in my van and I called my mom, she reassured me that it sounded like a panic attack and to just drive carefully.  When I got to the hospital they took blood tests and a heart trace test and while I was lying in the bed I could feel the pressure dissipating and all of the other symptoms went also, so that when the doctor came to see me he told me that my blood sugar was a little high but the heart test came back that all was well.  It was a panic attack, he told me do breathing exercises and to take a medication that you only use at the onset of a panic attack and not all of the time.

Panic/Anxity attacks are scary and can be debilitating if you let them.  Try to work through it and if that doesn’t work, talk to your doctor.  Don’t live in fear or guilt or shame if you do need medication, if that’s what it takes for you to live a full, healthy life then do it.  It’s your life and you need to feel safe and secure to be happy.

Sometimes I wonder how much more tired can I possibly get? My son has had a horrible cough for about four weeks now, to the point where he isn’t falling asleep until twelve one o’clock in the morning. I took him to the doctor with my daughter because she had also been sick, which turned out to be bronchial asthma, and our family doctor told me that their lungs were clear and they both had a cold.

My husband and I had purchased a humidifier for our daughter on the advice from the emergency doctor when I had taken her in and it did wonders for her but our son was still coughing. I was still sending him to school because I believed all he had was a cold and it would run it’s course and he would be fine. Well by this past Tuesday he was still coughing terribly even with the humidifier and his inhalers because he has asthma, so I called our family doctor and I got him an appointment for Wednesday afternoon although I kept him home from school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our doctor told me he had bronchitis and put him on antibiotics, which was great because at least now we knew what was going on and how to deal with it. So I kept him home from school Thursday and Friday because it takes 24 to 48 hours for the antibiotics to start working. In the meantime I’m not sleeping because everytime he coughs I wake up and I can’t fall asleep because he’s coughing uncontrollably. I also moved into his room, we have a spare bed in there, in case he couldn’t breathe and I had to rush him to emergency.

I don’t think I have ever been this tired but until he is better I can’t and won’t rest. Until he sleeps through the night, I’ll be awake and on the ready to care for him. When you have a child with health issues and special needs, he is autistic which adds a whole other dimension to caring for him, you do what ever you have to do to make sure that they are healthy and give whatever care you have to get them better. Even if it means giving up your comfort to move into their room and sit by their bedside until they fall asleep, just so they feel safe and loved.

Children are a gift and a blessing and I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that they know that. Enjoy them.

I watched American Idol last night and tonight after not watching it since the season after Paula Abdul left.  I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore and I had become a reality show junkie:  Canadian Idol;  American Idol;  Survivor;  Amazing Race;  The Bachelor;  Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition;  The Apprentice;  Dancing With the Stars and I few I can’t remember.  I pared down my list of reality shows almost to the point of extinction, which wasn’t too difficult because I wasn’t enjoying them anymore but I did miss American Idol.  So when I found out that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were going to be new judges I had to watch and I’m so glad that I did.

I have so much enjoyed American Idol since I started watching this season.  Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez actually focus on the singing, they listen to the notes and they know what they’re talking about.  They bring comedy and emotion to the show which brings a whole new dimension to it.

I still watch a few reality shows because let’s face it, they’re fun.  Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor for it’s pure brain candy moments.  I am a minor tv addict purely for the fact that my life is challenging and I need that downtime.  There are some new shows that are really enjoyable:  Hawaii 50; The Mentalist; Criminal Minds, when I see the list I see a crime deal thing in the shows I watch.

So, take some brain candy, find a reality show or tv show that helps you relax and find downtime and have a bowl of popcorn handy.  It really helps.