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Brand New Year

Last year I made all these plans as to how I was going to change my life.  I have dreams and goals that I want to reach and those dreams were tied up in my plans, but I’ve realized that in order to achieve those dreams and goals I had to change, I had to be ready to change.  I had to grow, spiritually, and be willing to let God move in my life.

So, this year is my year; my year to change, my year to become the person that God wants be to be, the person I used to be.  One of my goals is to lose weight; I have been overweight since I became pregnant with my first child, my son, but this is not who I am.  I used to been to be healthy, thin, in shape and that is who I want to be.  Another goal is to be healthy emotionally; my mom left when I was almost twelve and that is when I started disappearing, the little girl who got lost in the shuffle of my parent’s divorce, my dad remarrying, going to live with my mom and step-dad and then living with my grand-parents.  I have learned about myself through counselling, prayer and seeking God and I’m finally starting to see myself again in the mirror, the girl I used to be.

I like to talk and I have experienced so much throughout my life that could help other women, young and old; that my blog makes sense as a way to reach people and hopefully help them to make sense of their life.  I also hope that my blog will help me contribute financially to my family and give me a sense of purpose that I haven’t felt since I was working, I enjoyed working till I had my children and I realized that I wanted to work for myself so that I could work from home and be home for my children.

This year is my year; my year to become the person that I want to be and who God wants me to be, to be a woman of purpose, a wife, mother, sister and daughter that my family can be proud, that I can be proud.  I look forward to be able to look in the mirror and see the person that I used to be.

So Happy New Year, I hope that this year will be a turning point for myself and anyone who reads this blog and takes my words to heart and be a turning for themselves as well.


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