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When did we let it be okay to not dress pretty?

I was at church last week and I wore a skirt, a cami and a cardigan. Normally I wear capris and t-shirt or jeans and t-shirt, depending on the weather. A number of my friends and other ladies came to me and said how pretty I looked and I realized and said to them how I it had become a habit for me to wear clothes that would hide my figure. I have become so uncomfortable and unhappy in my own skin because I am significantly overweight.

Before I had children and was working, I always took great care with my clothes, my hair and my makeup. It was very important to me and it made my family proud that I was presentable professionally and personally.  I felt good about myself when I was dressed well and I felt strong, sure of myself, like I could conquer the world.  I had such high hopes and dreams for my life and when I took care of myself, I felt I could achieve my goals and see my dreams become a reality.

I am not in any way blaming the path that my life took on letting myself go.  I love being married and taking care of my children.  I let myself go, I started neglecting myself, I allowed life to take over.  That’s what happens if we let it: we get married and put on some “happy fat;” we get pregnant and put on some more weight, and when we’re pregnant, we feel huge and so we wear “comfortable clothes;” and then we exercise less and eat more; and we end up hiding ourselves behind big clothes.  We have to find ourselves again and take action and start exercing again, eating right, eating less and get back to that healthy weight, whatever it is for each us.

Only then will we feel pretty again, start wearing makeup, doing our hair and dressing pretty.  We need to rediscover our dreams and goals and act on them, become the professional person that we always wanted to be.  It took me a lot longer to find out what that was, but I did know that I would one day work for myself, be self-employed.  Now that I have found what I want to do for the rest of my life, I am pursuing it and fighting the fear and seeing my dreams become a reality.

So lets get back to feeling pretty, taking on the world with confidence and become “ladies” again.  No matter what you are doing with your life, there is always a little time in your life to feel pretty.


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