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Amazing Burger

I know that all of my posts so far seem to be about me and my family and that’s part of what I want to do with this.  But I also have other topics to discuss and I am working on one now, but I had to write about this burger place my husband took our children and me to tonight.

It is called 5 Guys burgers and if you live in the Surrey, Langley, Delta area and you love a really good burger you have to go to 5 Guys.  They are located at the strip mall off of 24th Avenue by the Super WalMart  and in the same parking lot as Future Shop.  The decor is very plain; red and white but the ambience more than makes up for it.

They have their “small” burger which is one patty and their “large” which has, you guessed it, two patties.  You have to pay a little more for a cheeseburger and a little more than that for bacon, but all the toppings are included in the price of the burger.  It’s a little more expensive than say Burger King, but you get what you pay for.  A small fries fed our daughter, my husband and myself with some left over.  They don’t have milkshakes, but the refills on pop is free.

They hand make the patties and hand press the fries, the kitchen space is wide open so you watch them fry your patty on a grill, fresh.  The eating area is again wide open with very basic tables and chairs but it fits in with the whole feel of the eating experience.  It is bar none the best burger and fries I have ever had.  I would go there again and again and I hope that you all will give them a try too.   And I will tell everyone I know about 5 Guys burger joint.



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