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Cleaning products

So, I realized that I haven’t explained the meaning of the name of my blog: manokai. My husband and I are scuba divers and I just, in general, love the ocean. It is powerful but at the same time it is soothing and peaceful. I wanted the name of my blog to mean something to me and also, to be about me, hence the name manokai. My love of the ocean and what it means to me spiritually and physically. Manokai is a Hawaiian word meaning: mano: shark; kai: ocean. Power and peace in one word.

My husband always teases me about how I’m always trying out the newest “thing”, the latest gadget but it’s all to make my life easier.  Any cleaning product, make up tool or product, and skin care product, I will try it.  I do love new stuff, shiny stuff, anything pretty and fun.  I have so much to talk about because I have tried out pretty much everything but I am faced with somewhat of a dilemna: which topic to discuss first, favourite first or save the best for last?  So, I’m going to save the best for last and start with cleaing products.

The first product I want to tell you about is Pink Solution:  you can use it for the entire house, it really cuts through dirt and grime especially in the bathtub, it also works as a great spot cleaner on the carpet and livingroom furniture and and for pretty much any tough job you have, even on the siding on your house and it’s environmentally friendly.  I really liked it except for the preparation, because it comes in a paste form in a big bucket, you have to melt it and then mix it with water, put it in a spray bottle or a bucket and then you can clean. I just found it to be a bit of a pain. 

Another brand of cleaners that I used was L.O.C. by Amway.  I really liked them, they were environmentally friendly, they were gentle on surfaces and they got the job done with a little bit of elbow grease; the only issue I have is the cost of shipping.  Amway is a direct marketing business and therefore you have to order their products from a warehouse and it can get expensive. 

Mr. Clean anti-bacterial, multi-purpose cleaner:  I used it in the kitchen on the counters, sink and stovetop and it did a good job, it was adequate, but for the really tough stains it just didn’t cut it.  It also has a very over-powering smell that I found too strong, although it has a citrus scent that I love, but it just wasn’t working for me anymore.  I also used it in the bathroom on the toilet, counters and sink. 

For the mirrors, fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen and the kitchen table, coffee table, and all other wood surfaces, I use Pledge multi-surface clean and dust.  It works great and it smells really good but for the really tough stains like, markers, crayon, pen, pencil crayons, I use the Mr. Clean magic eraser.  This I love, it works on everything, bathroom surfaces, kitchen, livingroom, it works really well on stovetops, especially those icky grease stains.  The only problem with using the magic eraser on the bathtub is, that if you have a ring the magic eraser can fall apart because if you have to rub really hard, it isn’t kind to your eraser.

So, enter Scrubbinb Bubbles bathroom cleaner.  It works in the crevices around your sink and fixtures because it’s designed to get in there and then start cleaning, it works on the ring around your tub, especially those shaving rings, girls, those little hairs that somehow get left benind.  It’s great on the toilets and around the bowl on the floor, in the sinks and on the counters and again it’s citrus scent, my favourite, so it makes the bathroom smell all fruity and clean.

For those quick clean-up jobs in the kitchen and bathroom; believe it or not, for the baseboards that get dusty and grimy; for all my floors, even the tiles; I use Lysol Dual Action disinfecting wipes.  They have a soft side for gentle surfaces and a gritty side for those tough stains, I get down on my hands and knees to clean the floors but they do the job and quickly even on the tough stains.  My kids spill ice cream and popsicles on my kitchen floors and the gritty side cleans them up like they were never there;  better than a mop and bucket, that is what I used before and it took so much time and energy and water, but these work lickety split.

There are other products that I have used, pretty much everything on the market that is designed to make your life simple, but it would make this post enormous.  I will always try everything once, as long as it will make my life easier and if it doesn’t work, on to the next product.


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