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Wonder Woman

I loved the show Wonder Woman…I wanted to be Wonder Woman every Halloween till I was twelve.  She was the coolest, she was a female action hero and she had the coolest house.  I would watch her show every week and I knew the theme song off by heart.  So when I found out that MAC cosmetics was launching a Wonder Woman inspired line of cosmetics, I had to take a look.

It is so cool…coloured mascara, beautiful lipgloss, bright, dynamic eyeshadow shades.  There are three colours of mascara – purple, green and blue.  I have bought the purple so far and I love it.  It is bright, it coats your lashes really nicely, it makes your lashes look long and full and it brightens your eyes.

The box has Wonder Woman on it, and the tube has Wonder Woman written on it with the logo underneath, it’s blue with a red top.  I love coloured mascara, it makes life easy or sexy.

So the next time you’re in MAC take a look at Wonder Woman, you’ll love it.


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