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How many times have we said “This is the year that I’m going to lose weight?  Then life gets in the way, being a mom, having a job, losing a job, being sick for what feels like forever…fill in the blank.  When is enough more than enough?  Where do we draw the line at what reasons are going to run our lives?  For me, it’s having a special needs child and dealing with an abusive childhood and getting through it, which is process in and of itself.

So, it is March 1st a new month, shortly into a new year and I have had enough.  I am ready to lose forty pounds, I am ready to uncover who am I, the little girl that got lost in the shuffle of divorce, remarriage and abuse.  So, now the question is – how am I going to accomplish it?  I have a Wii and the Biggest Loser for the Wii so that is how I am going to do this.  I have cut sugar out of my diet almost entirely, I have to have a little, I have cut down my portion sizes, I see myself as beautiful, so all that is left is exercise.  I used to be into every sport I could play and I love exercise, I really do, but living in a place where it’s seven months out of the year, outside sports are a challenge.

So in late spring and summer I swim in the ocean as much as I can, I walk briskly to work up a good sweat and play with my kids, I’m hoping to teach them tennis this summer but for the rest of the year I have to do inside sports.  I had a great exercise DVD called “Turbo Jam” but it appears my kids have lost it so all I have is the Biggest Loser for the Wii so that is what I will start with and go from there.  You do whatever it is you love as far as exercise goes because that is the only way that will attain your weight loss goals and get to it.  You are not alone, there are other people in the world who know how you feel, me and I hope that you will find my blog and realize that you are also ready to change your life and find out who you are.


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